[MOD] Invitation - Control Chain interface and communication protocol

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 21:55:07 BRST 2014

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Gianfranco Ceccolini <franconassis at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hi LADs
> The Control Chain interface was conceived with the LV2 control ports
> properties in mind. It tries to dis-abstract the LV2 Control structure in
> tangible (and material) form.
Sounds good!
> The first purpose of the Control Chain was to connect the MOD and its
> external peripherals.
Cool, is there any scope you'd like to discuss currently? Or is this a
"brainstorming welcomed" discussion too?
In future, I'd love to see a hardware "Fabla" sampler, which integrates the
DSP into the MOD, and uses Control-Chain to communicate. That would require
a pretty heavy-duty communication protocol; think mapping all of the
controls on a device such as this (yes I'm aware this isn't ControlChain...
yet ;)
> The physical interface of the Control Chain devices is an RS-485
> full-duplex serial line running at 1Mbit/sec.
I don't feel qualified to discuss the techie implementation stuff about the
actual protocol itself. In terms of how it can be used, feel free to quiz /
query my intended use-cases :D
At this current state, the Control Chain supports only Input ControlPorts.
> People have been asking about the Tuner and other plugins that have Control
> Outputs.
In theory, if Lv2:Atom-s are supported (which implies URID map), then the
necessary parts for arbitrary LV2 DSP -> UI communication (and vice-versa)
is covered.
This would imply that the "official" URID map is on the MOD device, and a
CC capable controler can query a URID, and its returned an integer that is
> So we're opening up the discussion to set the requirements and
> possibilities that shall be implemented.
I would see Atom support as being difficult to engineer - but a huge
achievement for forward-compatibility if it can be achieved given the
constraints / time.
Cheers, -Harry
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