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Carlos sanchiavedraz csanchezgs at gmail.com
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2014-11-11 20:42 GMT+01:00 Gianfranco Ceccolini <franconassis at gmail.com>:
> Hi everyone
> Sorry for the time gap. There's a lot going on here and we're slipping a
> bit with organization. But things are getting in tracks finally.
> I sent a previous email inviting everyone for the discussion about the
> Control Chain and we gladly received many answers and considerations. I've
> tried to compile them here and added explanation where I could.
> First of all, I humbly ask you to take a look at the documentation we did
> on what we expect the Control Chain to be. Karl pointed out the
> "half-duplex" term found in the Arduino Shiled documentation but that is
> kind of "obsolete". The Arduino Shield already works with the former
> protocol which is still half-duplex and, as I explained in the Invitation,
> we're going for full-duplex and we want to add features to it that you
> developers shall find desirable. Once we set this new protocol we shall
> update the Arduino Shield documentation.
> Sorry for the mess :-)
> The desired protocol documentation is at
> http://wiki.portalmod.com/wiki/Control_Chain
> As I stated before, the Control Chain was initially thought on with Input
> ControlPorts in mind. Very simple: tell the hardware controller about the
> parameter he is controlling (we call this step addressing) and read the
> values it sends.
> I've attached a diagram with our desired software structure. The big cyan
> rectangle is the mod-ui, the "center" of the software and "owner"of the
> MOD's state. All messages are routed by the mod-ui.
> These ControlChain messages today just make sense to the external
> controllers. We hope to model the entire IHM (man machine interface - the
> MOD built in controller) using the Control Chain protocol. We would also
> like to use the same protocol for the Javascript UI that is rendered in the
> browser.
> Also, with the focus on Input ControlPorts we lacked the ability to have
> monitors, like peak meters and so. Thus, the upgrade for full duplex.
> Harry mentioned the will to make volume meters (on the JX-10 example) and
> also to have complex controllers like
> http://m-audio.com/assets/microsites/tfp/img/tfp_ortho.jpg for Fabla or
> other similar plugin.
> I think that having a good implementation for the Output ports (to
> indicate to the controller's monitors what they should display)  shall
> solve these requirements, but I might be missing something here.
> Hanspeter asked:
> Is there a reason why the different behaviours need to be implemented
> in the footswitch firmware directly?
> And both Hanspeter as Harry mentioned the use of LV2:Atom but I don't
> think we got the grip here of it yet. Is it possible to exemplify this
> better?
> Hope to hear form you guys soon and thank you for the collaboration
> Regards
> Gianfranco
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That's really useful info and diagram. I remember time ago I contacted you
about future ideas and project I had in mind. Hope to develop some of them
in a not so distant future.
Keep informing. In any case, I love the high level analysis/engineering
that you are publishing along with the code; not many projects go further
than publishing code and maybe some specifications/technical design some
use cases.
C. sanchiavedraZ:
* NEW / NUEVO:     www.sanchiavedraZ.com
* Musix GNU+Linux: www.musix.es
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