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Twisting the saxophone with the MOD

The saxophone player Marcelo Coelho is one of those few musicians that has the experience of many.
Besides teaching for years in different music schools, he released several authoral albums and has been playing with many influential musicians in small clubs, large concerts and orchestras.
He knew the MOD a few weeks ago and now he is back to our studio to try some different texture for his saxophone.
We recorded all this experience and you can see for yourself what an amazing musician can do with the endless possibilities of MOD.


The flutist and the DJ

A small video showing Laura Sobenes playing the flute and Bruno Gola, a DJ, using the same MOD.
With 2 audio inputs + MIDI input,  the MOD allows you to use up to 3 instruments simultaneously. Each one with it’s own effects chain controlled independently.
The possibilities are endless.