Results of the preliminary tests

Here are some screens from our preliminary tests using the hand assembled prototype.

Soon the tests from the machine assembled units will be available.

1 - Loopback (feed the input and read the output)

[email protected] - ch1
[email protected] - ch2
[email protected] - ch1 - low frequency
[email protected] - ch2 - low frequency


2 - Cross Talk (feed channel A and read channel B):

Crosstalk [email protected] - ch1-to-2
Crosstalk [email protected] - ch2-to-1


3 - Floor level (reading of the output with no signal fed to the inputs)

Floor Level - Low frequencies - ch 1
Floor Level - Low frequencies - ch2
Floor level - ch1
Floor level - ch2


4 - Head Phones

Head Phone - [email protected] loopback
Head Phone - [email protected] loopback - ch2
Head Phone Crosstalk [email protected] - ch1-to-2
Head Phone Crosstalk [email protected] - ch2-to-1


For the sake of comparisons, check out these readings:

1 - MOD Quadra loopback with [email protected]

It is visually evident the amount of improvement we had in terms of producing an audio card.  We have got at least 15dB better

1 - Loopback of the Mackie Onyx BlackJack.

This is the interface I use to feed and read the MOD units and it clearly has an excellent performance.


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